SV Ah Ma

On to Moresby

Leaving the Pacific on the 4th of July, we sailed toward Asia, passing through the channel between Kolombangara and New Georgia. Laden cargo vessels navigated the busy waters, transporting timber from Kolombangara’s ancient volcano. With favorable winds, we smoothly crossed the Ferguson passage, sailing through open oceans until the distant lighthouse on Pananiu Island appeared on the horizon.

Our journey along the shores of Papua New Guinea brought challenges. Navigating the shallows beneath the tip, where depths fluctuated from 1500 to 20 meters, stirred a touch of nervousness. Unreliable charts heightened our caution as we closely monitored the depth meter.
Daytime encounters with occasional fishing vessels turned into nocturnal challenges, maneuvering through strings of illuminated AIS targets marking expansive fishing nets.

As we approached Moresby, winds intensified, requiring sail adjustments. By early morning on July 10th, we navigated the entrance successfully, dropping anchor in front of the Papua Royal Yacht Club. Despite its colonial charm, the marina’s peculiar mix of friendly staff and snobbish local clientele hinted at the complexities awaiting beyond its gates in the urban jungle of Port Moresby.

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