SV Ah Ma

And out she goes.

The first sea trial was a success, so after a couple of days of deliberation we asked our broker, to arrange for an outhaul and survey. This was quickly arranged at the Curacao Marine wharf at Schottegat. I contacted Ed Versteeg, a local surveyor and yacht designer to do the honors of the survey. I also arranged for Gijs Sijbranda of Curacao Rigging to climb the towering mast to do a close up inspection of the rigging.

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And then there was Curacao…

After our trip through the harbours of Florida, we went to the Island of Curacao, where I was summoned to do some work for an old client. Linda came along for a week to accompany me before she had to return home to Macau to celebrate the Chinese new year with her family. We were still in the habit of checking the yachtworld website every other day to see if something interesting pops up…

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