SV Ah Ma

The long way to New Zealand

Travel used to be fun and games. but in 2022, it has been reduced to anxiety and annoyance. Normally we planned trips a couple of weeks or sometimes days in advance. With Macau having a great and small regional airport we could easily arrive about 40 minutes in advance for[…]

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Return to Macau

After around six weeks of hoping for a flight to New Zealand to return to Ah Ma, we realized there would be a very small chance of this happening. Ah Ma had safely arrived after a very rough passage. She endured a lot of damage due to the irresponsible push[…]

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Eating and drinking on Tahiti

Eating out in Tahiti is an interesting and wonderfull experience. The Island is heavily influenced by French cuisine with an Island twist. The restaurant scene is simple yet tasteful, reflecting the abundance of local seafood and island crops. There are not a great many high end eateries around, aside from[…]

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