SV Ah Ma

Klein Curacao, part 2 (Boat Hook)

As we planned our approach we found that we couldn’t find a boat hook to grab the mooring line on the buoy. This put a bit of a dent in our mooring plans as there was no easy pickup from the front. We figured that if I would lead a long line from the front of the boat to the back, and lower the transom. We could just back into the buoy we could easily grab the line from the transom and hook on. The wind would then swing us around and we could pull in the line to an acceptable length from the bow. Sounds perfectly alright on paper, but it turned out to quite an exercise.

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Lessons learned.

We took Ah Ma out on a couple of day trips to Fuik bay. On these trips we had crew in the form of curious friends and related people that just came along to enjoy a day at the bay. A day on the Bay usually constitutes a big cooler full of wine and beer and some light snacks. Many (motor) boats pull in to Fuik every weekend, tying the back to the gravel beach, blaring loud music, relaxing, enjoying the island life…

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