SV Ah Ma

Happy New Year from Opua

Happy new year followers and friends. It has been a long while since I wrote last. Spotty internet connection and a to do list as long as my left leg prevented me from taking the time. But now with most chores done and a shiny Starlink dish on the port[…]

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The long way to New Zealand

Travel used to be fun and games. but in 2022, it has been reduced to anxiety and annoyance. Normally we planned trips a couple of weeks or sometimes days in advance. With Macau having a great and small regional airport we could easily arrive about 40 minutes in advance for[…]

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The corona madness finally decends into the pages history. With countries all around the world returning to a new normal, also New Zealand has woken up to the reality. This means we can finally rejoin our goddess and continue our life aboard and journey east. The world around us has[…]

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