The corona madness finally decends into the pages history. With countries all around the world returning to a new normal, also New Zealand has woken up to the reality. This means we can finally rejoin our goddess and continue our life aboard and journey east. The world around us has changed quite a bit in the past 2 years. So much so that we have decided to push our agenda and live aboard indefinitely ahead of our initial plans.

The NZ government has opened their borders for visa excempted countries in May, so I have booked my ticket arriving May 14th, providing the Macau and Hong Kong authorities let me escape their 0-COVID illusion.

I am going first to asses the damage that two years of being laid up have done to Ah Ma. She has been taken care of the friendly people of Yachtcare and Topsand marine, but time probably still has taken her toll.

The repairs and preparations will have to take place in the middle of the New Zealand “winter”. It will be an interesting experience worrying about heating instead of air conditioning. How much we can get done depends on the TIE extension and Visa requirements for staying in New Zealand for a longer time. We will figure it out and keep you posted, but for now there is a little light spotted on the horizon.

Ah Ma at Opua Marina

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